2017 will be a big year!

Happy New Year, readers! 2017 promises to be a big one here at CHBC as we will break ground on our long-planned expansion project!

There are some decision points coming up in this project. The dates of most of these are uncertain, but they will come along in due time, probably in the next few weeks or may couple of months.

We will be meeting with banks about our construction loan. We want to have this in place before we start construction, of course.

We will be putting our construction documents out for bidding by sub-contractors. This will take place before the end of this month, we believe, and we will get bids back by the end of February.

We will hear from the Town of Chapel Hill on our Zoning Compliance Permit application. There will probably be some required changes to our plans, which we will work on and resubmit.

And one thing we are sure of: we will have a Groundbreaking Service on Sunday afternoon, February 19. More details will be coming soon – please make plans to attend!

The current calendar shows us having construction underway in the first half of March. Of course there are several things that have to fall in place before that can happen, but at the moment it seems very likely!