3 Edifying Podcasts Pastor Eric Is Listening to Right Now

Podcasts have become my favorite thing to listen to while driving. If you don’t know much about podcasts, just think of them as this generation’s version of AM radio – just better. They are typically talk-show type of broadcasts, but unlike the radio, shows are recorded. So you can listen whenever you want, and you can catch up on episodes you missed.

I strongly recommend the habit of listening to podcasts. Learning is one of the most important ways to keep growing, and podcasts are an excellent way to challenge your mind with new ideas. The Book of Proverbs says that wise people keep seeking wisdom, because they know they have so much to learn. Podcasts are a convenient way to keep growing in wisdom and understanding.

Whether you are new to podcasts, or have been listening to them for a long time, I’d like to share with you a few that I have found helpful. Perhaps you will enjoy these, too.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.Groeschel is a pastor of a nationwide multi-site church called Life Church. While I don’t recommend his philosophy of church growth, it is impossible to accomplish such a feat without being an elite leader. On his monthly podcast, Groeschel shares practical leadership principles, and every episode ends with a practical way to apply the principles he teaches. One of my favorite episodes is 5 Secrets of Superior Decision-Makers. This is so important because leadership is essentially decision-making. Also, his podcasts on giving and receiving feedback and criticism were very helpful.

It’s Good to Be a Man.This podcast just launched this year, and it’s about teaching men how to establish their households in strength, workmanship, and wisdom. It is led by Michael Foster, a PCA pastor in South Carolina, and Bnonn Tennant, a New Zealander whose accent makes the show even more of a joy to listen to! I recommend this podcast to all men, whether currently married and raising children, or who have yet to enter that stage of life. I also think many of their episodes would be equally helpful to women who are trying to understand masculinity and femininity from a biblical perspective. They recently published a very interesting conversation on A Biblical Theology of Attraction. Their podcast Spiritually Leading Your Family was also wonderful. 

Alastair’s Adversaria. If you enjoy Bible teachers who makes interesting connections between passages, then you will love this podcast. Alastair Roberts is a brilliant scholar who is gifted at identifying patterns that appear in Scripture and demonstrating how they help us understand and apply a given passage. He is currently doing a very enlightening study on Genesis, covering the story of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Also, on another podcast, he did a fascinating study on the theme of the resurrection in the story of Joseph.

So those are three podcasts that I am really enjoying right now, and I recommend you give them a shot. Finally, if you haven’t checked out CHBC’s weekly podcast, Bespoken, give that one a listen, too!