A Plethora of Progress

This week the main thing that you will see is that the structural steel framing for the chapel and connector are nearly finished. You can definitely begin to get an idea of the look and feel of that lofty space. We have had the blessing of many days of good weather, which has meant steady progress.

Another key area where progress has been made is in the water and sewer areas. The trenches for sewer pipes have had to be chipped into the rock, but they are in place and the pipe is mostly laid from the lower building to the main line.

Many other things have been happening inside the lower building, things that you can’t really see from outside the site. For example, ductwork for the HVAC system is nearly complete on the upper level, as well as more plumbing and electrical rough-in throughout that building.

After two days without AC in the current building, the installation of the valves that will isolate the hot and cold water pipes between the two buildings was completed. Now that the weather is so much warmer we are very thankful to have AC restored! It will be another three to six weeks before the work in the lobby and kitchen corridor is complete and the ceilings are replaced.

Starting next week most of the ministry staff will be working offsite until we move into the new offices in the new building this fall. Please feel free to call the church to get contact info, and plan to make an appointment if you need to meet with any of them since their presence at the church building will not be as predictable as usual.