A Recap of 2019 Night to Shine Prom for Teens/Adults with Special Needs

As all the glitter and confetti settles from February 8, I am so grateful looking back at this year’s Night to Shine. We saw more than 130 guests with special needs and 75 caregivers come onto our campus that night. During this time we were able to model the love of Christ by showing his love and acceptance of all people. I truly believe that our dance floor and red carpet that night was just a small glimpse of what heaven may look like-everyone celebrating together. 

While there, our caregivers were welcomed to join us in the “Respite Room Suite” where they could relax and be pampered. We offered food and chair massages to help aide their relaxation while their loved one enjoyed the party taking place upstairs. 

All of our guests were paired with a host/hostess for the evening who escorted them through the MANY activities available that night. We had limo rides, a karaoke room, dessert room, game room, and SO much more. Every person I passed seemed to have a smile on their face as they enjoyed the evening and spent time celebrating. I even caught a glimpse of Ramses and the Duke Blue Devil coming together to enjoy this event. A huge THANK YOU to our nearly 300 volunteers who made this night possible!

Ashley Gyori