A Recap of October’s Mens Event

On the morning of October 6th, many men of CHBC gathered for the purpose of growing spiritually through working with our hands. As human beings, crafted in God’s image by His hands, we have been mandated to create and cultivate. As we work with our hands we are connecting with God and also with our fellow brother as we work alongside each other.

We began the morning catching up over some delicious coffee and donuts. Kyle McManamy, CHBC’s Faith + Work Director, framed the morning of work with a devotion: The Spirituality of Dirt, looking at the Spirit’s work in Creation, God making humanity from the dirt, the Spirit renewing the ground (Ps. 104:30), and His work to draw us to Christ. “If we see God both creating and sustaining the world AND leading people to salvation, how can we say that one of these is spiritual and one is not?” After the devotion, we got to work with the products of soil – lumber and food – sharing fellowship in the Spirit over the labor of our hands.

As a next step CHBC is re-launching the Handyman ministry and will be formulating regional teams of men who have the desire to use their hands to bless those in need within our church and community.