A Sneak Peek In Person

Last Sunday, right before the annual meeting, about 70 people took the opportunity to walk out into the connector and chapel in the new space. It was so fun to see such a wide range of our congregation interested in this chance. We had kids and parents and older folks, and it was so interesting to hear the reactions and comments. Everyone was pleased, it seemed, and appreciated the chance to see something up close that, before then, they had only seen in photos.

We are especially thankful to Peter Hausmann, from CT Wilson, for being present on a Sunday afternoon so that we could do these tours.

Since then, the sheathing has begun to be installed on the chapel and connector, and the brackets that hold the steel siding have been installed on the lower building. The HVAC piping continues to be installed, and just yesterday the sprinkler system has begun to be piped in to the lower building.

In the renovation of the current building, most of the walls and ceilings have been removed to the tune of saws and hammers and the occasional banging and clanking as things are loaded into carts and taken out to the dumpster outside. It is really amazing how different it looks already, just being opened up. The new coffee area will be great for fellowship!

Dwight Thomas gave a building committee update at the annual meeting, and he closed it by asking us to pray for three things: Safety (we are thankful that so far there have been no injuries on this project), cost control (no surprises), and schedule control (good weather and every worker being on top of his game). S-C-S, he reminded us – safety, cost, schedule. May God bless us in those three things in the coming weeks and months.