And the winner is …

As we mentioned last week, this week is a big week for the building committee. We had four interviews with architects Monday and Tuesday evening, and we had a decisional meeting Tuesday night after the final interview, as well. Not to keep you in suspense: we selected RND Architects to be the architects for our project. You can check out their webpage here if you’re interested.

We were impressed with all four of our invited architectural firms, with the work they had done and with their skill set to apply to our project. But we could not choose all four! We selected RND because of the breadth of the kinds of work they have done, both churches and other buildings, both new construction and renovations (some of which is iconographic of our area, such as Brightleaf Square and DBAP); the specific features that we saw in their presentation of other projects that they have done; and the team that they brought to the interview (which will be the team who works with us).

So rejoice with us at achieving this milestone, and please keep praying that we will continue to work well together as a team, that the architectural team will work well with us, and that we will have clarity and unity on the decisions that we will be making in the next phase of the project.