Approaching the End of the Renovation

In less than a month we will be reopening the new and improved coffee area! The “fiddly” work in there is mostly done – reworking HVAC, sprinkler system, and electrical. We have most of the walls framed, and they are now starting on the ceiling grid. Before you know it we will have that part of the building open again and will be able to freely get from one side to another.

In the new building section, the biggest work is being done in the duct installation and drywall. Now walking through the offices we see most of the walls actually in place with a few details incomplete – but for the most part, we can see and feel what the space will be like. Similar progress has been made in the youth center. Upstairs in the adult classrooms they are not quite as far along, but still most of the walls are in place.

The chapel and connector areas are getting their window frames installed and then will come the glass. Also the HVAC ductwork is going in outside the chapel doors, and soon it will be routed into the chapel space itself. The air handler unit has been installed in the mechanical room.

The recent rain has delayed our progress on our remaining site work. They are beginning to work on converting the parking spaces within the island closest to the new building entrance to handicapped spaces. We hope that by next week we will be able to see progress on the fire lane and other aspects of the site.