Architect selection Next Week!!!

After a very busy October, the building committee is taking a week off. (More about what we accomplished in a later post.)

But next week, the first week in November, is a big week, a milestone week for the project: the building committee has scheduled interviews with four architects/firms for Monday and Tuesday evenings. Then Tuesday, after the final interview, we plan to make a decision about whom we will invite to be the architect for the project.

As you may recall from previous blog posts, there have been several steps before this on this particular part of the task. We selected four architects to invite to bid on the project. We sent them the “program” – that is, the description of what we want to build. We conducted “walk-throughs” with each. There has been some follow-up with a couple of them, at their initiation. And now we are all getting ready for the interviews.

We selected the four we are inviting based on the following criteria:

  1. Not too big and not too small. We want their A-team, but we don’t want to be the only project they are working on. They need to be big enough to have a good team of consultants and sub-contractors that they know and respect, but not so big that our project is a side-line for them.
  2. They need to have worked with churches before, but also on other kinds of buildings. We don’t want a firm that specializes in churches and has only done churches, and we don’t want a firm that has never worked with a church before. Either bias would give us less in the way of options and experience to draw on as we work with them on our project.
  3. Local. We want the ability to have a meeting on short notice, to have the architect be able to visit the site during construction, to save on travel fees and other matters that are involved with doing the work remotely.
  4. Up-to-date technology in coordinating design elements with engineering and other technical elements. There are some programs out there that make it almost impossible to accidentally plan to run a water pipe through an air duct, for example – we want this capability in use for this project.

You can pray for us! Please pray for us, in fact. We need energy and focus as we go into these two evenings of interviews, and we need discernment and wisdom as we decide which firm to offer the project to. We need to be a unified team as we go forward. Please pray for us.