Beam It Up, Scotty!

The big long beam did indeed come – at around 9:45 Thursday morning. Not only were some members of the building committee there, but our team from CTW and RND and CHBC’s own David and Becca Walters photographing the event.

The large truck with its large cargo rolled in, and then came the figuring out of how to get it off the truck and safely onto the ground. Two large forklifts did the job with some expert teamwork from their operators.

Also yesterday afternoon the columns for the connector and chapel began to be erected. If you go back there on Sunday you will definitely see the beginnings of the shape of the chapel becoming three-dimensional.

You can definitely see the columns on the live video feed, and this coming week will be more of the “steel show,” weather permitting. We hope and plan that the very large beam that was delivered on Thursday will be erected on Monday afternoon.

Continuing work includes the fire lane that goes behind the sanctuary. That has been graded and is being left to dry out. If we get another good stretch of dry weather next week a lot of progress will be made on that part of the project.