Big enough for a casket …

The building committee has been very busy in the past couple of days, and will be next week, as well.

Yesterday we visited a church in Raleigh. Part of their buildings had been built in 2005, so we hoped to see some new features that would help us visualize things for our own building. We were especially impressed with the color coding of the children’s ministry hallways, and their iPad-based, in-wall check-in stations. Very cool! We also got more of a “feel” for how much space it takes to have, for example, a class of 20 with seminar tables; or a room that seats 250 with a stage.

We also had a four-hour building committee meeting from late afternoon into the evening. Our goal was to get within striking distance of finalizing the program for the new building. We got a lot done, made a lot of progress – but we are not finished yet. We have another meeting (or maybe two?!) scheduled for next week. It is amazing the number of details that have to be considered. For example, if the ‘chapel’ space is on the upper floor, the elevator needs to be big enough for a casket. And a bride with a wide dress. And catering food carts.

Today the first two walkthroughs with potential architects take place.

There you go – a quick update!