Book Review: “The Art of Neighboring – Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door”

The Art of Neighboring

What if the solution to our society’s biggest issues has been right under our noses for the past two thousand years? When Jesus was asked to reduce everything in the Bible into one command he said: “Love God with everything you have and love your neighbor as yourself.” What if he meant that we should love our actual neighbors? You know, the people who live right next door.

This is an account of a movement of churches across America where members are challenged to move into their neighborhoods to neighbor well. It is an account of community leaders reaching out to churches to challenge them to move into their neighborhoods and to neighbor well. And it is an account of communities where community leaders are no longer receiving phone calls asking for help shoveling snow or providing rides because neighbors are neighboring well to fill the gap.

This is one of the best books I’ve run across because it talks about:

  • Why we should neighbor
  • Our motives in neighboring
  • How to neighbor well
  • How to neighbor for the long haul

It’s a good read! Be sure to put it on your New Year’s reading list for 2019.