Building Committee’s First Tour

Thursday afternoon, as part of our building committee meeting, we got the chance to walk into the site as a group. This was the first time most of us had been within the fenced area. The perspective of being there, seeing things in 3D rather than just photos or from the perimeter of the fence, was fun and impressive. Over two years of work is beginning to take shape before our very eyes!

The footings for the piers supporting the center of the building have been dug and the anchor bolts for the steel structure put in place. We expect that these will be filled with concrete in the next few days.

Next week a major part of the project will begin: the connection between the current HVAC system and the new building will be stubbed out. This will mean that the kitchen will be unavailable for several weeks, thus BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE STARTING SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5!