Ball Field

OPEN for use on April 1, 2019

Rules & Guidelines

This is only a request, not a contract. Do not assume that the field is reserved until you have received confirmation from a CHBC staff member. Generally, non-ministry groups are charged at the rate of $25/hour for field use (including warm-up time).

If there is any rain within three days of your field use, the leader must call the church office (919.408.0310) to check on field use. It is the leader’s responsibility to notify their group members of cancellations so that the church office does not have to answer repeated phone calls about the event.

  • The field may be used only for soccer, softball, or ultimate frisbee. No other use is allowed without prior permission from the Facilities Director (Matthew Wright).
  • We do not start field rental until 10 am on any morning.
  • Sunday field cannot be rented before 1:30 pm.
  • All participants must abide by any posted rules or regulation on bulletin board near field.
  • Groups are required to have a working cell phone at the field at all times, and a first aid kit. Play at your own risk.
  • Park on asphalt only, not the grass.
  • No dogs/pets allowed on the field.
  • Please pick up any trash on or near field.
  • Groups may be required to put nets on goals and remove them when finished.
  • There are no lights on the field. Daylight use only.
  • If lightning is spotted/heard, the field must be cleared for 30 minutes.
  • Unless you are requesting space for a Bible Church ministry event, the field cannot be requested more than 90 days in advance of your start date. If you submit a request prior to the 90 days, it will be returned to you.

If you must amend or cancel a requested event, call the church office as soon as possible so we can make the necessary changes or make the field available for another group.

Cancellation Policy
If field conditions are unsuitable for play, we will cancel your scheduled use of the soccer field. If we cancel because of unsuitable conditions or CHBC ministry events, we will issue a credit (or refund what you have paid) for 100% of what we charged you for any cancelled use.

  • If you find that you must cancel scheduled use of our soccer field, and you cancel more than 4 weeks before the scheduled date, we will refund or credit 100% of what we charged you.
  • If your cancelled dates are 14 to 27 days away, we will refund or credit 50% of what we charged you.
  • If your cancelled dates are within 2 weeks, we will refund or credit 25% of what we charged you.
Restroom Use

If you request access to the restrooms, you will be issued a code for the locks on the restroom doors. Please share this code with the members of your teams and the coaches and other helpers. Please do not display this code. If your code is found displayed or posted anywhere on or near the field you will lose the privilege of access to the restroom.

Please be sure that toilets are flushed when your group is finished using the field, and that the doors are closed and locked.

If there is any problem with the restroom, such as cleanliness, stopped plumbing, or any non-working fixtures, please notify Matthew Wright, Facilities Director


To help serve all that use this facility, we ask you to comply with the following guidelines.



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