Can I have your autograph?

After last week’s very wonderful day, Thursday, when the largest piece of steel was delivered, the building committee visited the site to celebrate and sign it. Of course we are all busy people, so we actually took three visits to all get out there. But in the end everyone had a chance, and we are now ready to see it hoisted aloft.

Within the next few days (weather permitting, as always) we think that most or all of the structural steel will be up. After that comes roof trusses and decking, and then framing for the exterior walls. The chapel section doesn’t have much in the way of interior walls, so that part should go pretty fast. Bottom line: by Sunday (weather permitting) you should be able to see even more of the shape of the chapel and connector section. We think it will be beautiful.

Another milestone this week is that we ordered the first round of furniture for the new space. This order includes office items (particularly the workstation system furniture) and the chapel chairs. There will be at least one more order placed in the next few weeks for the rest of what we need.