Certificate of Occupancy in “The Commons”

With the dry weather this week we are making great progress on the many outdoor tasks. The new handicap spaces are being graded; sidewalks that were taken up to do stormwater connections are being poured (probably Friday); quite a bit of grading around the back of the chapel has been done, and the area between the current patio and the connector has been cleaned up and graded. We expect in the coming week to get some major progress on the big fire lane around the back of the current sanctuary and more grading in other areas.

Work continues on the interior, too. The primer coat and first coat of paint has been applied on most of the lower building, both levels. Ductwork, sprinklers, electrical, and AV have been moving along in that part of the building as well as in the chapel area.

The biggest news is that the main renovation in the coffee area (now known as “The Commons”) and check-in areas have passed all inspections. We expect to get a certificate of occupancy today and will open these spaces for Sunday morning. Coffee will return, and you won’t have to go outside to get from one end of the building to the other. Hooray!

We still have some work to do in that area, however, including (most noticeably) flooring in the coffee area. We had planned to have simply sealed concrete in that area for cost-savings, but once we saw what it looks like to do sealed concrete where previous flooring had been adhered to the surface, we decided to move forward with getting that floor done to the original specs we had picked out for it. That work will be done in the coming week or so. (It also happens that the new kids assembly room has temporary carpet in it – the carpet we ordered took longer than expected to come. So watch that space for a brighter, more colorful look very soon, as well!)

One of the biggest impacts that having that portion of the building open will have is that it will be much easier for you to see the new building progress! If you have not looked since the end of May, you will see amazing progress. Go into the Commons on Sunday and look out those windows.