Changing Our Perspective

perspectives on the world christian movement

Perspectives is wrapping up for the semester and what a journey the course has been for our students and instructors! We began the course way back in January—40 students gathering for dinner and teaching each Monday—learning about the biblical basis and strategy for missions. It has been such a blessing in our church to see a movement towards missions and how CHBC specifically can respond to the Great Commission.

Here’s what one of our students – a CHBC intern and UNC senior – had to say about her experience with the course:

Perspectives has reoriented my vision for missions from being a calling for a small group of people passionate for intercultural connection to a mandate for all of God’s children to steward the inheritance He has placed on us. We have no choice but to answer His call and proclaim the blessings and love He has lavished upon us.”

Lydia Silver

Mark Hampton, our College Minister, shares the following thoughts:

I’ve really enjoyed being in the Perspectives course this year. The teaching has been insightful, engaging, and has challenged me to think in new ways about missions. One thing that has been a challenge to me is seeing how much the sending of missionaries from the U.S. has decreased. Despite having abundant resources and churches and mission networks, we have fallen far behind in our missional sending from previous generations. What has changed? Is it a lack of concern? People willing to go? Or, have we delegated this task to professionals, forgetting that we are all commissioned to be testimonies to Christ? It seems to be a mix of these things. Our desire to see the nations hear the Gospel has decreased drastically, and it makes me wonder what my role as a church leader is in working to become a sending force once again. Going through the course has really challenged me in this way and I hope that, going forward, I can serve as someone who teaches, trains, and sends future generations to the nations.

Our class has been affected by COVID-19, like all around us, and we have moved to a virtual platform to close out the semester. Though not the outcome we would have chosen, we are discovering evidence each week that God uses crises such as this to further the building of His Kingdom. One of the lessons in the history section showed clearly how many gospel movements have spread around the world precisely due to hardships.

It is our hope and prayer that God would raise up many in our church to take the gospel to peoples and places where Jesus has not yet been proclaimed.

— Brooke Spalding (Missions Intern)