Church visits

It has been fun and interesting to visit more churches in the past couple of weeks. Two visits were particularly notable.

We visited Chapel of the Cross on Franklin Street in order to see their new addition, completed within the past year. That visit was particularly instructive because we got a chance to consider the way that a room can be finished simply but still have a sufficient elegance to feel like a very nice room. It doesn’t take high-cost elements to make a room suitable for weddings and memorial services, as well as being multi-purpose.

We also visited Colonial Baptist in Cary. There we were given a full tour, including offices, classrooms, youth space, and children’s space. We were particularly impressed with their large cafe space complete with fireplace.

In both of these churches, as well as other buildings we have visited, we come away with ideas and a sense of how big a space with a certain concept feels, and ideas about furnishings, flow, and functionality.

We are still interested in visiting churches, particularly ones that have recent construction and ones that have some of the features that we are talking about including. Please feel free to suggest a place for us to visit in the comments. We are willing to travel as far as Charlotte to see something really cool!