Cold Weather Doesn’t Get In Their Way

Folks, today is a cold day – sunny, but breezy and cold. Nevertheless, the steel construction team is out there in the lift and on top of the structure bolting girders and beams into place. And, be sure to note that a fear of heights is not compatible with this job!

We usually know what will be happening over the next few days or the next week; at this point so much is dependent on weather that we don’t have a clear date for the next concrete pour, for example. This past week some work has been done on the pond, moving earth to work on the grading of one section of it. There is also some backfilling behind the retaining wall that might be done. If its rainy the earth work won’t be done, and if its not at least 40 degrees there will be no concrete. However, there is still plenty of steel to put up, so that’s a likely area of progress.