Coming Out of the Ground

Today, at a little after 3 pm, the first truly “out of the ground” elements were created – the cement trucks came at regular intervals to pour their contents into the retaining wall at the back of the lower level. We counted five trucks in the first hour, and they were far from done. At 9-10 cubic yards per truck, you can see that this will be a lot of concrete.

Also, this week the exterior doors between the sanctuary and the kitchen were blocked off. This is because the footers for the connector were dug and will be poured today or tomorrow. This doorway is no longer safe as an exit; in fact the area outside there is now part of the restricted construction site. Stop by that doorway some Sunday and take a look through the windows – it is the closest look from inside the current building to the progress on the new building.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we are particularly thankful for the progress made so far on this project. We are thankful for the great working relationships between us and our architect and contractor; we are thankful for safety on the job site; for your generous giving; for the opportunity to serve the church as your building committee in this important expansion of our facilities and ministry tools. Please lift up a prayer of thanks along with us!