Construction Moving Indoors Soon

Another couple of steps on our critical path have been accomplished. We have most of the blocking done, including at the top of the lower parapet and around the window openings. In addition, the plumbing that needs to go under the connector and chapel slab has been completed and inspected. Next step there will be to prepare the ground beneath the slab and get it ready to pour … soon!

A change that everyone will notice is the work beginning, during the week after Easter, in the lobby and kitchen hallway area. This will be work on the HVAC piping and ducts, to connect the current building’s system to the new building. The plan is for work to be done Monday through Thursday each week, but be tidied up and give us pretty normal access to that hallway and the kitchen on the weekends. We think that this work could begin as early as April 2, and be underway for 4-6 weeks. One piece of good news: rain will not affect this part of the schedule!