Construction Preparations Underway

Next week, on Monday, July 24, we expect that site work will begin. At first it will be only silt fencing and flags, stakes, etc., but even as soon as later next week there might be actual digging and grading beginning. So exciting!

We have some fun news, too! We will have a LIVE STREAM of the construction site on the internet! You can tune in anytime and see what’s going on. If we are able to, we will also alert you via this blog of interesting things that will be happening on certain days. For example, at some point we might be able to tell you that the crane will be lifting the steel structural members for the chapel roof into place on a particular day, and you can watch it happen from the comfort of your own desk!

To find it, go to youtube.com and search for “CHBC Construction.” You can also subscribe, and in that way you will be able to find it more easily each time you want to see what is being broadcast. We may eventually have a more direct way to get to it via our website, but for now we wanted you to be able to tune in and see what’s happening!

And don’t forget the groundbreaking ceremony next Sunday, July 30, at 12:30 pm right outside Sanctuary.