I bet that most of you think that Christmas is about five months away, don’t you? And in truth, when you look at the calendar, that is so – five months and three days to be exact, from when this post is being published. But you know that in reality, Christmas is the day after tomorrow. Or maybe next week – but it is way, way sooner than five months from now.

The building committee is starting to have these kinds of time mind games going on with regard to the building project. On paper, we have 223 days until construction will begin. Yes, you read that right, 223 days – Friday, March 3, 2017. That’s just over seven months from now. But given the number of things that are on the schedule between now and then, I feel certain that construction will feel like it starts in about three weeks.

The pessimist among us will say that there is no way that date will hold. For certain something will come up to delay the project. And the optimist among us will say, “No, I’m sure that they built time in to the schedule to account for possible delays.” What is the truth of the matter? Time will tell.