Counting Down

It is just amazing to see all that has been happening this past week. The chapel ceiling and flooring and trim, the ceiling tiles in the chapel lobby and connector, flooring downstairs, classroom carpeting, a second (final) coat of paint in many areas … the place is being transformed. Many little things are being done, too, such as putting the faceplates on the light switches and outlets.

Outside we have the new handicapped spaces paved, some concrete walkways completed, and the bases for the exterior lights framed.

We also planted a special tree – but we’ll have more to say about that soon.

We have building inspections of various systems scheduled for the next several days, including some early next week. The chapel chairs will be delivered and set up on Monday morning prior to the final fire inspection. Other furniture will be delivered on Thursday. We also have scheduled to begin moving in our own stored items as soon as the last inspection is completed and passed. The certificate of occupancy will be ours within hours or a day after that.

With the potential for bad weather on the weekend, of course we could have (yet again) some delays. Please pray that workers can get home safely after their Saturday shifts, and can get here safely on Monday no matter the weather. Please pray that everything goes smoothly, not only in each task, but also in the coordination of all of the work. We are SO close!