Crane Over Me

If you happened to tune in to the web cam today you would have seen a big crane – the biggest one yet – lifting the roof trusses into place for the roof of the lower building. These will be welded into place, and then the roof decking will be lifted up and bolted and welded into place.

In addition, we have begun to have the studs for exterior and even some interior walls installed. We can begin to see where windows and doors will be, and over the next week or so this will really take shape. Unfortunately, it is not too visible at this point from the web cam – you’ll just have to come around to the back parking lot and look at it on Sunday!

A critical path event has been the waterproofing of the retaining wall at the back of the lower building. This must be done before the drainage at that part of the site can be done, and then that area will be partially back-filled and the final couple of footings will be formed and poured. The warm, sunny weather yesterday and today was essential to dry out that area; after all, you can’t apply waterproofing to a wet surface. (They even used a blow torch to dry out some particularly damp sections.) Now that this is done we will be heading toward the erection of the steel of the chapel!