Curing the Draft In Our New Building

Today, the exterior membrane (insulation, vapor barrier, etc.) began to be installed. When you next see the building, it will not be see-through – it will begin to have much more definition in its walls and shape.

Late last week, the framing for the interior of the lower level was started. It’s an odd thing, though, to walk around inside the building when that is in progress. Without the normal cues as to how large spaces are (such as solid walls, ceilings, doorways), the perspective provided by studs alone is quite different from what those spaces will look like once they are finished. It will take weeks before more of these items are done and the sizes of offices and rooms becomes more realistic.

Weather continues to be a factor; the rain Tuesday and yesterday caused some items to be put off until next week. We do think that the steel for the chapel will be started before the end of this month despite the weather – so watch this space for updates!