Decking and Grade Beams

After a couple of weeks of fairly quiet days on the work site, we have had a flurry of activity this week.

The week started with the crew tightening the bolts that connected the steel structure – very loud, and reverberating along the beams. At one point we had two lifts, two ladders, a crane, and a large forklift in operation all at once! Our next installment of steel was delivered on Monday, also. That enabled decking for the second floor of the lower building to be installed, as well as the roof joists for the roof over the one-story section. It was interesting to watch the area of shade on the floor slab become bigger as the sections of steel decking were installed. Those are screwed together and also welded in place.

We also have had the grade beams formed late this week; these are the last part of the load-bearing footings and foundations for the side of the chapel nearest the lower building. If we have good weather, these will be filled with concrete next week.

Work on the fire lane resumed this week, as well. That area (behind the sanctuary) is being graded and the stormwater drains are being installed. Soon that will be prepped for concrete, as well.