Design development – pretty much finished

So, where are we, in the big picture? We are at the end of the ‘design development’ phase. This means that we have pretty much decided on where the walls will be, the position of the doors, windows, electrical outlets, faucets, stairs, access points to mechanical spaces – all of that stuff is pretty much decided.

At this point there are at least three things going on simultaneously.

First is working toward a submission to the Town of Chapel Hill for our site plan approval. We learned recently about some requirements that the Town has that we had not considered, so we have held off for a few days in order to give some thought to how to meet the requirements.

Second is mechanical and electrical systems details. This includes the size and placement of ducts, the size and placement of air-handling units, the plumbing details, and what the power needs for electrical outlets and systems will be.

The third matter is determining what of our current furnishings will be moved to the new building and where they will be. Furnishings and finishes are a whole topic unto themselves, and a lot of work is being done by a subcommittee of the building committee. I am sure that there will be more news from that front sometime soon.

Meanwhile the building committee continues to meet about every other week and will do so for the next two or three months at least.