Developing the “program”

The building committee’s main task right now is to finalize the “program” that we are giving to the architect. The program is a document that lists what we want to include in the project, how many rooms of what types, what sizes the rooms should be, what features they should have, etc.

This past week we were talking about the youth ministry space. It was amazing the kinds of things that we had to consider. For example: We have middle school and high school kids. How many of each will we want our space to accommodate? What kind of activities do we want to accommodate? Where do we want the space to be in relation to other space?

Tentatively, we have decided on a number of kids total; wanting an assembly room for each group, but one bigger than the other; wanting a sound system and projection system in each assembly room, and a stage (but not more than 6″ high or we would have to have a railing on it). Because we are having sound systems and imagine that there will be worship bands using each stage area, we need some degree of sound-proofing for these rooms. How much? Is 80% enough? Do we need to go to 100%? We also want a room between the two assembly rooms that will be for small groups of kids to meet for discussion. We want areas of the room delineated for these small group gathering areas, but we don’t necessarily want walls, just “areas.” And we also want this in-between room to be suitable for indoor recreation activities, such as table games as well as group games. And in a pinch, we would like to be able to seat the whole youth group all together and have a large-group experience, so we need a sound and projection system in this room, too.

Will we end up with all of these things? Well, maybe! And maybe not. This is just one area, for one thing, so after we have finished the other areas we are thinking about for the new building (adult classrooms, offices, and a ‘chapel’ or larger gathering space) we will have to see how everything balances in terms of square footage required and, of course, budget. It’s complicated! But we are making progress.

As you can see, we need your prayers! Wisdom, discernment, unity, great communication – all of these things and more.