Don’t Fence Me In!

Milestone for the week: the fencing around the construction site has been taken down! Without that barrier, and since so much of the front side of the site has had its fine grading, you can definitely get a feel for what it will be like when that building opens.

The fencing was taken down to allow easier access for final prep with topsoil (a lot was delivered mid-week this week) and other end-of-project items. Also, the trailer was taken out so that work on the repair/replacement of the back road can proceed. In the next week or so the actual perimeter will be cleaned up and the areas that could not be mowed will be trimmed or incorporated into the new site landscaping.

However, the fence being gone is not a signal that we can now enter the construction site. Please don’t – please hold off until we can actually take possession. We are within striking distance on the end of the project, so we ask you to continue to be patient!

Other things going on this week have been prepping for the fire lane to be finished, getting started on the back road, forming and pouring sidewalks, and a lot of work inside on the lower floor of the lower building. In the chapel the framing is nearly finished; soon drywall will be hung in there, and the decorative wood drop ceiling will be installed. We’ll be sure to get photos in there as that part of the project gets started.