Down to Earth

The biggest visible change this week is the grading. The landscaping team has been here all week spreading soil of various types. The fine grading was done by the site contractor last week, and over that subsoil goes topsoil. Different parts of the grounds will have different kinds of plantings, so there are a variety of types of topsoils and other materials. It will be interesting to see what gets planted in the different areas!

The chapel stone behind the platform continues to be assembled, piece by piece. The chapel ceiling is now painted black, and soon the grid will be installed that the decorative wood ceiling will be attached to.

The biggest delivery of the week was the elevator – it came in two large crates, a few sizable bundles, and two 55-gallon drums (of hydraulic fluid). All of the exterior doors have been installed now, ceiling grid is getting populated with light fixtures and other items, cabinets are in classrooms and the office workroom. Next week the carpet for the office section will be done, and the built-in bookcases that were removed from the current and demolished offices will be installed in the new offices.

Please continue to pray for safety of all of the dozens of workers here every day and for the progress of the work.