Down to the Details

This week has seen quite a few details get worked on, and some visible progress in many areas of the project! The wiring for the security system has begun to be installed, and soon the phone system and the AV wiring will be put in.

Drywall is complete on the lower level of the lower building, and the primer coat of paint has been applied through most of the office section.

Ducts for HVAC are continuing in the chapel, and the soffit within which the ducts and other systems will go is being framed.

Windows are almost all in, and some of the doors are in, too. By Sunday, the metal siding on the chapel “prow” should be complete, which means that essentially all of the exterior surfaces of the building are done.

It is still amazing how much time and effort goes into connecting the new building to the old. The ceilings have to be high enough to preserve a feeling of space and volume, but have enough space above them for all of the components that must run up there – electrical, sprinkler, ducts, water, chilled and hot water piping, communications wiring, fiber optic cables … the list is long! And there are building codes that have to be followed for each one. It is really pretty fascinating to listen in on the discussions of just how to do some of this in some of the tight spots.

In the renovation, the floors are being done at the end of this week and the beginning of next week. By the end of the day Tuesday nearly all of the work should be done, and it will simply be a matter of the final punch list and the certificate of occupancy from the Town of Chapel Hill. By Sunday, August 26, that whole space will be open. Glad day!