Dream Team

Remember to pray for the people who are leading the work. In the photo accompanying this post you see Charles Nickelson (RND), Peter Hausmann (CTW), TJ Land (CHBC), and Zak Hamlett CTW). These guys, along with Steve Pulling from RND, and Emily Williams from CHBC, are the people who pay attention day by day to the details of the project. Everything from ordering steel to scheduling waterproofing to coordinating the ceiling heights falls to them. There is a weekly meeting at 2 pm on Mondays where a progress report and forecast of the next two weeks’ work are covered. Requests for information and potential change orders are discussed. Coordination with the church programs and general facilities and grounds are worked out. The people pictured above are key to the progress that we are making and the anticipated success of the project.

Meanwhile, this week not much has been happening. We are in a waiting mode. We are awaiting approvals from the Town of Chapel Hill for an engineering item, and the delivery of the next batch of steel. Once we have these two things we will start to see visible progress again.