Dry Days Mean Faster Progress

We have had five straight working days with no rain, and the progress has been amazing. The roof has been started on the lower building, the leveling nuts have been set on the platforms for the columns of the connector and chapel, HVAC ducts and pipes have been installed, the acoustical ceiling has begun for the youth center, and the air barrier on the exterior has been started. Most of this would not have been possible on a rainy day, and having so many dry days in a row has meant much more work time.

We’re especially happy about the start of the roofing, since that means that the interior of the building will be drier even if it is raining. This might mean that some work can progress even if the weather is not sunny. That will be a very good thing.

Additionally, the HVAC contractor has begun to make the final plans for the work of connecting the system from the current building into the new building. We had thought that the work itself might have begun as soon as this week, but it will actually start week after next (and since this is indoor work it is likely that it will actually start then – but don’t quote us on that). We’ll have more to say about what to expect as we get a firm date of the start.

Something to watch for next week: the start of erecting the steel columns for the connector and chapel.