Faces of Construction – Al Myers

One of the great pleasures of being closely involved in this building project is meeting the people who are doing the work. Today we want you to meet Al Myers. Al is the construction supervisor for the sitework portion of the project. He is responsible for overseeing the subcontractor and ensuring the coordination of deliveries of materials, bringing in the engineers who measure the rock we encounter, keeping CT Wilson informed as to progress, reporting on issues, and a lot of on-the-spot decision making to keep our project moving along and maintaining the quality of the work.

But more than all of those job functions that Al is doing, he is a great guy. He is a member of a church in Durham, a dad and granddad, and an avid barbecue cook. He owns two large smokers and spends most of his free weekends cooking for fundraisers and other events.

He has a generous spirit, too. He provided a wonderful barbecue lunch for the CHBC staff a few weeks ago, just out of the goodness of his heart.

Please take a moment to thank God for Al and his dedication.