Finally Through!

If you were to be at our property any weekday morning (and even many Saturdays) you would hear rumbles, beeps, and crunching sounds. These past couple of days, though, you would also have heard the higher-pitched impacts of metal on rock. Monday there was a jackhammer attachment to one of the smaller machines going at it on a new particularly hard seam of rock. Late in the afternoon Monday and during the day Tuesday you would have seen a really big jackhammer attached to one of the large excavators hammering away. (And though that sound is not the most pleasant in the world, it actually was not as loud as one might expect.)

But, as of late Tuesday afternoon, we are essentially “through” on the trench connecting the pond to the main site, and the concrete stormwater pipes and junction boxes are in place. “Essentially” because there still remains a few feet of ground to get through, but it appears to be normal-density soil, clay, and the softer rock that underlies much of this area near the surface. The good news is that this trench section is the deepest that we will have to go, and the excavation on the main site is not likely to encounter as much rock simply because it is not as deep.

Rock is costly in both time and money, so we are sure we’ll have a revised schedule by next week as well as an idea of the quantity of rock that was encountered. Our site rock allowance will be somewhat stretched – but until we are finished with all of the excavation on the main site we won’t actually know how we fared in either time or money!