First visit

Yesterday the Building Committee sent a delegation to visit Hope Community Church in Raleigh. We have not had a full report yet, but a comment that Jean made was, “It is amazing how much your philosophy of ministry affects the way you design your building!” The delegation took a lot of pictures and asked a lot of questions, poking into a lot of nooks and crannies there. We are thankful for the time that the HCC staff took to help us.

One thing that we learned was they are not satisfied with their space, so they’re building a new building. Their middle-school class doesn’t have room, so they meet at a different location and are shuttled to the main site. In fact, they don’t have enough parking, so they run a shuttle from other parking lots to their building.

They have a covered entryway, but they learned a while ago that they could not allow cars to drive up under it – it caused too much congestion and danger with people crossing a busy traffic way on foot. So now it serves as a covered area outside their main door, making it clear where the main entrance is, but it does not serve as a covered drop-off area.” They don’t have adult ed because they want people to be involved in small groups; so they don’t have space that is designed for that (they emphasize small groups for everyone from HS through adult rather than Sunday School classes).

Anyway, there is a lot more that our delegation will have to report, we are sure, and we will be doing more visits. Remember, if you know of churches that you think that we should visit because of some feature of their design, please let us know in the comments or via email to Emily or any member of the building committee.