Fixtures and Farewells

This past week was a milestone – the first of the furniture items we ordered were delivered and installed. The cubicles for the office area came. They are not totally set up, but the structure and main parts of them are in place so that the electrical wiring can be accomplished. (Since they are hard-wired in, they are technically part of the building structure, so have to be part of the inspections as we move forward.)

We also passed a couple of key inspections this week, so next week we will begin to have ceiling tile put in downstairs in the office area and possibly in the classrooms, too. Things will begin to look a lot more finished once the ceilings are done.

We still await Duke Energy coming to connect the power. In the meantime, every last thing that we can do preparatory to turning on power is being done: the electrical fixtures and switches are being installed as much as possible and the HVAC system is being readied with all of the finishing touches on ductwork and grills. As soon as we have power we will be able to move forward with several other key items. Please pray that no new delays come up on the Duke Energy side.

Finally, we said goodbye to Peter Hausmann this week. Peter has been our project manager with CT Wilson, and has been part of our building committee meetings and our weekly construction meetings for the past two-plus years. Peter has brought 12 years of experience as a project manager to us, and before that, years as a pastor. We have benefited from his first-hand sensitivity to how building projects affect churches, and have enjoyed his sense of humor and his friendship. Please pray a prayer of blessing on him as he moves to Atlanta to take a role in a family business there. Our project will now be in the capable hands of Charlie Wilson himself as we move through these final weeks.