With the rainy weather the past couple of weeks, we have been limited in what we could do. However, the most visible impact has been the exterior wall studs being framed. At this point you can clearly see where windows and doorways will be in the lower part of the building, and soon – next week, weather permitting – we will begin to see that taking place on the upper floor of the lower building, too.

We are still hoping for some critical path elements to be completed, notably the backfilling behind the retaining wall and the construction of the remaining footers for the chapel. Once that takes place, the transformation of the section nearest our current building will really begin as the chapel and connector steel is erected.

We are still looking forward to a monumentally large piece of steel, the top part of the chapel structure, being delivered and installed – in a couple of weeks, we think, weather permitting! We will be sure to alert you to when this is happening.