Getting Started – the first meeting of the Building Committee

The building committee met for the first time Saturday, May 30, from 9am to 3pm. Yes, you read that right – a long meeting! We felt that it was important to spend a long stretch of time together right at the beginning in order to get to know each other better and lay out some perspective before the summer, when most of us have some vacation plans.

We covered a lot of ground, and among the big things that we established were some working groups to address and  forecast needs in key areas. We established six working groups: Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Fellowship and Traffic Flow, the ‘mid-sized adult space” (formerly known as ‘chapel’), Office space, and Adult education space. There were some other things we listed that need some further work in defining them, such as energy efficiency, storage, and the whole process of permitting with the Town of Chapel Hill, which we will deal with as we go along in the design process.

These working groups will include some people from the building committee, and also some other folks. If you have an interest in giving ideas about these things, please leave a comment or email a member of the building committee. We will be sure to direct you to the right person.

We also established an overall timeline, one that takes us from today to moving in to the new building. Of course there are a lot of unknowns in the timeline, including some key decision points along the way. But, assuming we are on track at least for the next few months, we imagine that the first big decision point, of whether to go forward or not (based on the financial analysis team’s findings), will take place in September.

A vital aspect of this whole project, from beginning to end, is that we pray for God’s guidance, wisdom, and vision for our church and our ministries. Please pray for those things, and especially that the building committee and other leaders of our church will seek our Lord in all of this, and that we will have unity and joy in our task.