Good news from the Town of Chapel Hill

The building committee was very excited this week to get a letter from the Town of Chapel Hill informing us that our request for a “minor modification of our Special Use Permit” has been approved.

As you may recall, our Special Use Permit included a site plan that was developed when we built this initial building on this site. It included spaces for additional buildings or phases of construction. Our original thinking was that we had to stick to those outlines in order to build an expansion. But, the building we have designed is not contained within any one of those outlines. So what would that mean for us?

It might have meant that we would need to go through the whole SUP process again, a process that typically takes 12-18 months (when we did this originally it took nearly two years, as I recall).

So, this approval to consider this a “minor modification” of our SUP is excellent news!

Our current work as a building committee consists of three things:

  1. Praying
  2. Awaiting the latest cost estimates, and the description of the value engineering options we might choose in order to reduce costs
  3. More praying

Please pray with us! We meet again next week, 10/20, and then on 11/10. That meeting on November 10th is especially worthy of our prayers, since it is at that point that the building committee will be making cost-based decisions about many details, large and small.