Good news!!!

The building committee is so very pleased to report that you should see site work starting before the end of this month! We met this week with our contractor and architect and agreed on a set of bids and a final project budget. Site work will start soon, and will be followed by “coming out of the ground,” or the beginnings of exterior construction sometime this fall.

The exact timeline for this project start is not completely settled yet, but it will be worked out over the next several days. Toward the end of the month, after site work is started, the detailed schedule of the whole building and renovation will be created with input from all of the subcontractors. You can be sure that we will share more about that as we learn more.

And now, what you all (and we!) have been waiting for – a ground breaking ceremony will be held … well, we really don’t want to say yet! Let us work out a few details, and watch this space for the final decision. (But if you want to put something on your calendar, you might pencil in July 30 …)

We know that many people have been praying for this bid process and for clarity as we moved toward the final budget and the decision to start. Thank you for your prayers! And praise God for aligning all of these elements in his perfect timing!