Great big toys? Maybe not …

If you have been near the basketball court along the back driveway, you will have noticed some big pieces of equipment. As I am writing this, there are two bulldozers, a front loader, a thing with a toothed shovel attachment (there's a technical term for you!) and an excavator. Possibly, some of these are parked on the back lawn by the time this post is published. I know that every kid for miles around wants to go see the equipment, climb on it, even dreams of driving it (and some big kids want to do those things, too)!

BUT we must set some guidelines. So here goes:

  • If the piece of equipment is parked alongside a roadway on our property that is not within a fenced or blocked-off area, you may go up to it and look at it, pose with it for photos, etc.
  • If a piece of equipment is within what is marked as a construction zone, please do not go near it. Even if it seems as if it is just sitting there, in an area not "really" a construction zone, do not enter the marked zone.
  • Soon most of the back lawn behind the auditorium and beside the circular patio area will be partially blocked off with fencing. Do not go around the end of the fence to enter any part of that back lawn. Do not enter any part of our property that is fenced off or otherwise marked as being part of the construction zone. This is for your safety, and also to protect our contractor and subcontractors, and is a rule established by CHBC's insurance company.
  • Parents, keep your kids under your supervision when you are in sight of the construction site (even if they are ordinarily old enough to be on their own around the church). No kids should be wandering around in groups or by themselves without supervision near the construction area.

We will provide photos and information on this blog and elsewhere to show you how things are progressing. Anything you want to see or know about we will try to cover – remember, we are just as interested as you are in all of these details! This is an exciting time for our church, and culmination of years of work on the part of the building committee!