Welcome to Update Central

Welcome to update central! We will be posting lots of information here about CHBC’s plans and progress on possible renovation and expansion of our facilities.

The building committee is jointly-appointed by the elders and deacons. Here are some introductions:

Michael Hining is an architect with approximately a dozen church projects under his belt. He sees his role as knowing the ins and outs of the design and construction industry and in keeping our efforts moving forward.

Sonya Hove has served with Cru for 29 years. She is married to Rick and has two adult children and one college student.

TJ Land is the Energizer bunny of retired architects, having one or more projects going all the time. He served on the building committee for the current building.

Eric McKiddie has served as Pastor for Gospel Community at CHBC since 2013, after a season of ministry in the Chicago area. Even after two years, he’s still in awe of how long the golf season is in the south.

Jean Sailer is on the deacon board, the Women’s Ministry team and greets monthly. Her longest area of service, though, has been in the nursery. She finds great joy in trying to settle the precious babies so that their parents can worship.

Julie Spencer has been involved at CHBC for 17 years in various ministries, including women’s ministry and children’s Sunday school. She has also served twice as a deacon. She works with Durham Public Schools as a district administrator.

Dwight Thomas is a retired businessman where he was mostly involved in corporate planning processes for AT&T/Lucent Technologies. He is an elder at CHBC, has served as elder chair for the past two years, and led us through the Strategic Planning process last year. His day job is assistant farmer with his wife Susan out in rural Orange County.

Emily Williams is the Church Administrator at CHBC, a position she has held since 2010. She has served as a deacon was also on the building committee for our current building. Her office is the one decorated with quilts.

If you have any questions about this project, or want to share your ideas or comments, please feel free to communicate with any member of the committee. We are eager to hear from you.