Home Stretch – part 1

We have had a very nice break over the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we had had four building committee meetings, two of them with our architects. Since December 17 we have had three weeks “off” from the building committee standpoint (though our architects have been continuing to work on things).

This afternoon starts the home stretch on the first stage of this, which is the ‘schematic design.’ We meet today, again on January 14, and then on January 21, at which time we expect to have the “final” schematic design. Now, this is still “lines on paper” and is not immutable, but serves as the basis for the real detail, which will be the construction drawings. Whatever we decide in the schematic design phase will have a major impact on the ultimate building and renovations, and while it can be changed after this point, it will be harder to do so.

So, while it is tempting to think ahead and begin to calculate the move-in date, we are still a ways off – and we need wisdom and clarity for these last couple of weeks before we have the “final” design. So, don’t cease to pray for us!