Hospitality for Every Season of Life

I don’t know about you, but I have just started to enter into the beginning stages of longing for the transition into Fall –– you know, for the cooler weather, the changing of the colors, the smell of burning wood –– it is my favorite time of the year. But I don’t want to skip out on the remainder of summer because there is something about this season that creates an environment to invite people into fellowship. That is why you have heard many of us on the blog emphasizing the theme of hospitality. 

Why again did we want to take the summer to emphasize this? Well, again, hospitality is focal to the Christian life, particularly because of Christ’s hospitality toward us. When God the Father adopted you He welcomed you into His family, or in other words, your individual salvation joined the corporate salvation of the Church. Thus, community –– namely loving one another through serving (e.g. hospitality) –– is not only just a normal expectation of life together but is a necessary experience of life together.

We will not become our best selves by ourselves, so through acts of sacrificial and relational hospitality we are making true community possible for CHBC. This is just the everyday, ordinary posture of what it means to part of God’s family. And sometimes just simply making space for connection leads to authentic community for many people. That is exactly what Travis and Michelle Roscher are doing through hosting their every-other-month open house gathering. Watch this 1 minute video that captures their passion for making room for those seeking to find community within the family. 

As the fall approaches, my prayer is that relational and sacrificial hospitality for you individually and we corporately will overflow and become a marker of the culture of our worshiping family in every season of our life together. May God strengthen and empower us as we seek to grow more into the image of the Son!