How do you feel about your finances right now? Stressed? At peace?

If you feel anything but at peace these days, then consider joining us at the Financial Peace University program, starting this Sunday at 4 pm (via Zoom). 

So why do so many of us struggle with our finances?  Many of the folks I’ve coached on personal finance over the years have shared that they never received much positive financial modeling in their homes growing up.  Others had good financial role models growing up, but gave in to the easy money of credit cards in their late teens and 20s and have been playing catch-up ever since.

Whatever the case, many Christians conceptually know about biblical stewardship and believe that everything that they have is God’s and that they have been entrusted to be managers of God’s assets.  But they often don’t know how to get out of their current habits and get started on the road toward financial peace.  
I have found that Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course fills in many of the basic financial literacy gaps that so many of us bring to the table, in the straightforward and humorous way that has made Dave Ramsey a household name.

I invite you to join me on a journey toward financial peace.  The “you” of 10-30-50 years from now would give the “you” of today a heartfelt thank you for taking the right steps, this fall, toward becoming a better steward of God’s assets.

Our next 9-week Financial Peace University course starts this Sunday, September 20, via Zoom ($130 course fee). Please sign up via biblechurch.life/financial-peace.