How many chairs?

One of the projects that the furnishing-and-finishes (F&F) subgroup of the building committee has been working on is deciding what furniture will be needed in the new building. We have furniture in the current adult, youth, and office spaces that can be reused in the new spaces, but we will also probably have to buy some new furniture. What that we currently have is reusable? What won’t really fit? What new items will we need to buy?

These questions are being worked on by a subgroup which is also responsible for the finishes in the new building – the kind and color of flooring for various rooms, the wall colors, the kind of kick molding we want, the hardware on the doors, etc. The coordination between these decisions is important for creating a pleasing and functional space once we are ready to move in.

As part of that work, we have been counting things. For example, did you know that we have 346 of those putty-colored plastic chairs? We also have 162 of those same chairs in a medium-dark blue (which are primarily used in the current youth rooms). Did you know that we have six modular-type desks with a curved-edge work surface on the left side, and only one with that shape work surface on the right side? And I bet you had no idea that we have built-in bookcases in the offices and a few other places that total almost 1,000 linear feet of bookcase space (and I am not even counting the bookcases in the library right off the lobby). These items plus filing cabinets, metal shelves, lockable cabinets, task chairs, side chairs, lamps, couches, side tables – all are being measured, counted, and, eventually sketched in as possibly belonging to various rooms in the new space.

At the same time, the desired capacity and functional needs for each of the new spaces is being added together to produce a total number of chairs, tables, desks, lamps, etc., that are needed. Some spaces in the new building probably will have new furniture, but many will have our current items moved from the space that is being renovated. There are many decisions that are being considered, with the goal of having a beautiful and functional new space for ministry.