How the Chapel Will Benefit CHBC’s Community Ministries

-A guest post from Eric McKiddie (Pastor of Gospel Community)

As your Pastor for Gospel Community over the past three years, it has been a great joy for me to see our community ministries grow. Currently, we have more people involved in our community ministries than ever. Chapel Hill Bible Church is a happening place!

This growth is the reason why I am so excited for the Chapel component to our new facilities. Many of our community ministries have maxed out our current facility limitations, and the Chapel will provide a place for us to continue to grow.

Current ministries that will be benefited by the new Chapel:

  • College Ministry: They had 145 students on 8/28! They are currently spilling out of the Fireside Room!
  • Discovery Bible Study: The Chapel will be a beautiful venue for our ladies to dig into God’s word together on Thursday mornings.
  • Spanish Fellowship: It pains me to see our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in the basement of the education wing. I’m eager to see this ministry grow under the leadership of our new Director for Latino Ministries, Gaby Correa. I’m also excited about bringing them literally closer to the core of our Sunday ministries.
  • Community Dinners: We currently meet in the auditorium, which is not ideal because it is too large for our dinners. Also, the space is needed as  soon as dinners end for the worship team to rehearse.
  • Life Groups: There is no suitable space to provide training for all 80 Life Group leaders. And we are always adding new Life Groups, so the need is ever growing.
  • Newcomers’ lunches: The acoustics in the Fireside Room make it very difficult to speak to a crowd in the midst of eating (and squirrely kids). Also, the room is totally packed.
  • Men’s and Women’s Ministry: Our “stay retreats” and breakfasts/brunches don’t have a suitable room to meet in. This is another scenario where the auditorium is too big and the Fireside room is too small.

One obvious benefit to all these ministries will be more space, which will allow for more people to become connected. But another is that it will be a beautiful space; the kind of space that people will want to be. When you are in a space that is wonderful and inspiring, you are more engaged while you are there – there is more energy in the room, people connect better with others, you listen and learn better from teachers and speakers. Therefore, we expect that the Chapel will foster the growth of our ministries in both breadth and depth.