How we got where we are today

When our current building was designed, we knew that we were constructing a building that was unbalanced between the auditorium capacity and the rest of the building capacity. We made the choice to do this intentionally. Our thinking was that the auditorium space would be harder to add to or re-build later because it was the most expensive space per square foot, because it had the highest technical requirements, and because renovating it would be the most disruptive to our church life. We anticipated that we would outgrow the non-auditorium space quickly and would be able to move straight into Phase 2 and/or Phase 3 within just a couple of years, planning in that way to balance the auditorium capacity with more space for Children, Youth, Adult, offices, and other things.

It turned out that we did, indeed, outgrow our non-auditorium space pretty quickly after we moved in to this building in summer of 2001. However, various things made us not able to move ahead with another building project. Then, when our attendance dropped in 2008-2009 we did not have as much need for additional space. Now that our attendance is growing again, and our demographics have changed from when we moved into this building, we experience weekly the imbalance between our auditorium capacity and the capacity of our other space.